An independent, coeducational PK-Grade 12 private school located in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Alumni Testimonies

What are the top benefits of attending Fredericksburg Academy? 

We asked some of our alumni to share what they personally benefited from most. 

Leadership opportunities and college preparatory courses. | 2015 Alumna

The small class sizes, direct teacher interaction/support, the encouragement to keep pushing harder while having the freedom to explore new ideas/methods. 2012 Alum

I attended public school most of my school aged years and attended FA only for 11th and 12th grade. loved the small class sizes and how we got to know each other so well and wonderful class discussions. I loved the field trips we took. And the relationship we had with our teachers. The strong emphasis on academics is also a huge benefit as it prepares you for college and beyond. | 1998 Alumna

Personal bonds with classmates and teachers Individualized attention in academics, sports, social life, rigorous course work that will put you ahead of your peers when you arrive at college. | 2013 Alumna

1. Immersive educational experience that will set a student up to excel immediately throughout their educational journey. 2. Close knit / large Family Feel - everyone knows you and cares for you. 3. Top athletic experience that can be tailored to fit all athlete needs. 4. Faculty that ACTUALLY cares about you as a person, not just the knowledge you retain. 5. Dynamic learning environment. | 2006 Alum

Being able to get comprehensive feedback from teachers and the ability to get so much writing practice. | 2020 Alumna

FA taught me to be a better writer. It also taught me to be an entrepreneurial student - if there wasn't a club that I was interested, I could start it! The fact that things aren't super established and huge gives more students opportunities to be leaders and to get scrappy with what they have. | 2012 Alumna

A safe and supportive environment and excellent college preparation. | 2002 Alumna

The benefits of a Fredericksburg Academy education are boundless and far-reaching. In addition to receiving an exceptional education, the real-life skills that I developed during my time at FA, such as time management, public speaking, and frankly, confidence, are skills that will serve me well throughout my life. | 2020 Alum

FA taught me the value of hard work and what it meant to be a good person. It also provided me with a sanctuary where I could learn in a safe and structured environment. It felt like home. | 2015 Alumna

I appreciated the smaller class sizes and the individual attention from the teachers and staff. Many of the teachers there balanced kindness with fairness, and I never felt I received a grade I didn't deserve. There were plenty of opportunities to take advanced placement classes and I went into the tests feeling more prepared than many in my age group who did not attend FA; in fact, their selection of AP classes allowed me to essentially go right into my sophomore classes at college. | 2015 Alumna

Competitive drive amount students, small classes encourage participation, community development via older students helping teach or look after the younger students. | 2017 Alumni