An independent, coeducational PK-Grade 12 private school located in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia

Talon Tutoring: Discover Your Limitless Potential

Fredericksburg Academy's tutoring program is open to any area high school student for building skills and mastery in the following areas:

  • SAT and ACT Prep
  • Individual support for online AP courses
  • General academic support (all subjects)
  • College essay writing

Program director Keith Wamsley has been privately tutoring students for nearly a decade and has a unrivaled track record of success. Contact him directly at or by phone, 540-226-2046, to discuss opportunities for your child and to schedule your complimentary one-hour consultation, or use our

The following fees apply to individual tutoring services:

  • SAT/ACT Prep: 5 sessions (2 hrs each), $650; 10 sessions (2 hrs each), $800 FA students/$1,200 Non-FA students; 15 sessions (2 hrs each), $1,100 FA students/$1,600 Non-FA students
  • Individual support for online AP courses: $60 per session (1hr)
  • General academic support: $50 per session (1 hr) FA students/$70 per session (1hr) Non-FA students
  • College essay writing: $100 per session (1 hr) Non-FA students only

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