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An independent, coeducational PK-Grade 12 private school located in historic Fredericksburg, Virginia

Advisory and FAmilies

Upper School students share a Thanksgiving meal in their advisory groups

Connectedness is important in education. It's part of the culture at Fredericksburg Academy.


Each student in the Upper School is paired with a faculty advisor in the fall. The role of the advisor is to serve as a source of information and support for students and parents. The advisor helps to plan the student's academic and extracurricular activities and guide the student to set and assess long-term goals. Advisor and advisee meet throughout the school year (especially before and after grading periods) to discuss any necessary adjustments in the student's schedule, study habits, or class performance. If a student is required to meet with the Honor Council or the Discipline Committee, the advisor may accompany him or her as a source of support.

Advisors also serve as additional contact persons for parents, although parents are encouraged to call teachers directly if they have questions or concerns. Advisors can help parents arrange for parent-teacher conferences if needed.


Two advisory groups come together to form a FAmily. FAmilies provide a forum for students to discuss some of the complex issues they will encounter during their adolescent years and beyond. These issues include, but are not limited to, decision making, managing stress, diversity, transitioning to college, and communication. The goal of these discussions is to equip students with the knowledge they need to make well-informed and healthy decisions.