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FA offers three morning bus routes, one that transports students from Route 3 in Spotsylvania County (as far west as Lake of the Woods), one that transports students located in Stafford County, and one that transports students from King George and downtown Fredericksburg. 

Did you know that Bus Service (and Falcon Club!) can easily be rolled into your FACTS payments? Contact Marnie Schattgen ([email protected]with any questions you have about adding these services to your account.

Routes and Rates

Rte. 3 West Route 
Pickup LocationDepartureFee 1st ChildFee 2nd ChildFee 3rd Child
Locust Grove Walmart6:50 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Lake of the Woods (Union First)7:00 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Fawn Lake (Soccer Fields)7:15 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Chancellor House Site (Elys Ford Rd)7:30 AM$935.00$750.00$645.00
Harrison Crossing (CVS)7:40 AM$935.00$750.00$645.00
Village Sq Shopping Center (Bragg Rd)7:50 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Summerfield8:00 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
King George / Downtown Route 
Pickup LocationDeparture Fee 1st ChildFee 2nd ChildFee 3rd Child
King George Food Lion6:40 AM$1,045.00$865.00$815.00
Walmart (Ferry Farm)7:00 AM$935.00$750.00$645.00
Purina Tower Lot7:10 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Charles & Amelia St.7:20 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
First Christian Church (Wash Ave)7:30 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
St. Mary's Catholic Church7:40 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Burke & Hubert Bank (Cowan Blvd)7:50 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Idlewild Clubhouse8:00 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Stafford - Morning Route
Pickup LocationDepartureFee 1st ChildFee 2nd ChildFee 3rd Child
Garrisonville Rd behind Panera6:50 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Commuter Lot Exit 1407:00 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Walmart Rte. 177:25 AM$935.00$755.00$645.00
IHOP Rte. 177:35 AM$935.00$750.00$645.00
Lee's Parke Clubhouse8:00 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00


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