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*Updated routes and pricing for the 2024-25 school year will be announced in early June.

FA offers three morning bus routes, one that transports students from Route 3 in Spotsylvania County (as far west as Lake of the Woods), one that transports students located in Stafford County, and one that transports students from King George and downtown Fredericksburg. 

Routes and Rates for 2023-24

Rte. 3 West Route 
Pickup LocationDepartureFee 1st ChildFee 2nd ChildFee 3rd Child
Locust Grove Walmart6:50 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Lake of the Woods (Union First)7:00 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Fawn Lake (Soccer Fields)7:15 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Chancellor House Site (Elys Ford Rd)7:30 AM$935.00$750.00$645.00
Harrison Crossing (CVS)7:40 AM$935.00$750.00$645.00
Village Sq Shopping Center (Bragg Rd)7:50 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Summerfield8:00 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
King George / Downtown Route 
Pickup LocationDeparture Fee 1st ChildFee 2nd ChildFee 3rd Child
King George Food Lion6:40 AM$1,045.00$865.00$815.00
Walmart (Ferry Farm)7:00 AM$935.00$750.00$645.00
Purina Tower Lot7:10 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Charles & Amelia St.7:20 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
First Christian Church (Wash Ave)7:30 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
St. Mary's Catholic Church7:40 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Burke & Hubert Bank (Cowan Blvd)7:50 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Idlewild Clubhouse8:00 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00
Stafford Route
Pickup LocationDepartureFee 1st ChildFee 2nd ChildFee 3rd Child
Garrisonville Rd behind Panera6:50 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Commuter Lot Exit 1407:00 AM$1,045.00$855.00$750.00
Walmart Rte. 177:25 AM$935.00$755.00$645.00
IHOP Rte. 177:35 AM$935.00$750.00$645.00
Lee's Parke Clubhouse8:00 AM$710.00$580.00$525.00

Sign Up for a Bus Route

*Updated routes and pricing for the 2024-25 school year will be announced in early June.

Registration opens in June

Transportation Policies

Bus Conduct, Safety, Rules, & Regulations

Families must complete the online bus registration form and pay the bus fee by credit card or FACTS account before a child will be permitted to ride the bus.

Conduct of Students
Rules of conduct as set forth in the Fredericksburg Academy Student-Parent Handbook apply at bus pick-up points and while students are on the bus. In addition to the rules of conduct in the handbook, the following rules apply:
●    The driver is a member of the Fredericksburg Academy staff, and their instructions must be followed at all times. 
●    The driver is responsible for maintaining the bus schedule and will not wait past the scheduled departure time. If the bus is late, please call the Director of Facilities at 540-898-0020, extension 1227.
●    Only those students enrolled in the bus program may ride the bus.
●    Students may be assigned seats at the discretion of Fredericksburg Academy staff.
●    Distracting the driver or tampering with or willfully damaging any part of the bus will result in disciplinary action by Fredericksburg Academy.

Bus Safety Rules
●    Stay off the roadway and away from parking lot traffic while waiting for the bus.
●    Enter or leave the bus only by the front door, except in case of emergency.
●    Do not throw objects inside the bus or out the windows.
●    Keep head and hands inside the bus. Remain seated at all times.
●    Do not bring on board objects such as special school projects that are too big to be safely held or placed in an unoccupied seat.

School Transportation Suspension
School transportation is a privilege, not a right. The appropriate Division Head or PARC in the Upper School will handle violations of bus rules, safety rules, or rules of conduct as stated in the Fredericksburg Academy Student-Parent Handbook. The appropriate Division Head may suspend a student’s school transportation privilege.

Cancellation / Refund Policy
  • Bus Transportation purchases are non-refundable, non-transferable except between siblings, and apply only to the school year for which they are purchased.
  • There are no refunds for days that school is closed due to inclement weather or extenuating or unforeseen circumstances.
  • If a parent/guardian cancels a registration due to extenuating or unforeseen circumstances, at the sole discretion of FA, a refund might be made, but the maximum refund would be half of the pro-rated transportation fees paid.
  • If FA cancels a Bus Route before the school year begins, FA will provide a full refund of the transportation fees paid.
  • If FA cancels a Bus Route during the school year, FA will provide a pro-rated refund of the transportation fees paid.
  • Refunds are provided by the same method as payment.


Director of Admissions Marnie Schattgen: [email protected]

Director of Facilities Brian Skinner: [email protected]