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Libraries and Technology
Libraries and Technology

Constance Suzanne O’Connell Lower School Library

On November 3, 2000, the Constance Suzanne O'Connell Memorial Library and Computer Center was dedicated in memory of Fredericksburg Academy student Connie O'Connell who lost a brave battle with pediatric cancer in first grade.

Library education and literacy is a key component of Fredericksburg Academy’s Lower School experience, with a dedicated librarian working weekly with each class to educate and engender a love of books and reading in every student. 

Muir Library 

Muir Library is a hub for Middle and Upper school students and classes. With a variety of flexible workspaces and resources, the library contains all the tools our oldest students need to succeed in a comfortable yet stimulating setting. 


Technology brings excellence and cutting-edge innovation together, preparing our students to adapt and thrive in a constantly changing world and making them college and career ready. 

FA students remain adaptive, curious, and poised to explore the multitude of possibilities at their fingertips. Faculty members elevate the learning experience by using web-based applications and technology resources in class.


Lower School - FA’s Lower School maintains a one-one iPad program in Kindergarten-Grade 3 and a one-one Chromebook program for grades 4-5, providing each child a tool at their fingertips. The devices are mobile, so children have them in the library, Spanish class, or in the STEAM lab for literacy extensions, research, or coding. Projectors in every room allow students to experience a visit to the rainforest or to meet a visitor from a distant land in real time. We also have an augmented and virtual reality collection to be used and experienced in the regular classroom or the STEAM Lab. Additions such as Code-A-Pillars and Dash and Dot, and Lego Robotic kits for directed coding and programming experiences as well as for exploration and discovery experiences, develop creative thinking and problem solving skills in addition to team work!

All of the following technology tools are controlled/manipulated using apps on teacher and/or student iPads:

Middle and Upper School - Each Middle and Upper School student uses a personal laptop to support his/her learning. Students can manage and access their assignments, syllabi, and schedule throughout the day using their unique Student Portal. Every student also has a Fredericksburg Academy email address and receives communication from classmates, teachers, coaches, and administrators, keeping them connected to and on top of their school work and activities. Many teachers maintain websites for their classes which include additional resources for test/quiz prep, project/paper rubrics, and a full syllabus.  

Joens Media Center and Co-Lab

The Joens Media Center is a state-of-art space to elevate learning and creativity. With an interactive whiteboard, green screen, two fully loaded web development and video production stations, and production equipment, there isn’t much you can’t do in this space.

The Co-Lab is a small conference and meeting room with interactive technology for students or small groups to ideate, create, collaborate, study, and/or learn. 

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